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220V 60 LEDs/meter 3528 LED Strip

220V 60 LEDs/meter 3528 LED Strip
Product name : 220V 60 LEDs/meter 3528 LED Strip
Item : WAMALSP352860120W
Details :
 1. Flexible, shapeable

FPC board is used. So the strip lgihts can be bent.

2. Waterproof, safe to use

The PVC extrusion covers the LEDs, protecting the lights from dust and water, from being touched by man’s hands.

3. Long lifespan over 50000 hr

4. Easy installation

We offer some accessories for simple and convenient installation. They are heat shrinkable tubes, power lead with rectifiers, end caps, power connectors , splicing connectors and aluminum clips.

5. Factory-direct-sale priced

This product is researched and developed by our company. We put it into production in our factory. It is sold directly from our company. Thus the price is competitive with good quality.

220V 3528 60 LED strip:

Waterproof: IP(67)


1. Mood lighting for municipal roadways, streets, bridges, housing projects and public parks.

2. Path & Contour marking\

3. Indoor and outdoor decoration lighting

4. Window display lighting

5. Advertisement signs, light boxes

6. Architectural decorative lighting
220V LED strip light:

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